Who is sheri moon zombie dating

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Who is sheri moon zombie dating

Just thinking about it now, I am a little upset because we all love each other so much, and I was talking to Kevin after the premier last night briefly and he was teary eyed too.

It's such a testament to how well Rob writes characters and how the actors all feel about Rob. We all wanted to do the best we can for him to make his world come alive. RZ: I feel like the movies that I loved as kid were violent brutal movies, be it Taxi Driver, Bonnie and Clyde, but you felt something.

In House Of 1000 Corpses, Zombie took us back to all Hallow's eve '77, only a few years after Leatherface pillaged a band of friends in the musky backroads of Austin, Texas.

In doing so, not only will fans of Corpses be pleased to see the return to Zombie's trashy southern 70s and all the classic rock contained within, 31 (which takes place on the Halloween one year prior to the Firefly family terrorized a car of tourists with their warped sense of recreation) also offers fans satisfying narrative parallels to his original enclosed-space mousetrap.

RZ: All those driving shots, that was all stuff I shot myself, because we drove across the country and that's when I shot it all.

SMZ: It all contributed, so in the end it worked out.

I loved working with all the actors that I worked with. I had just quit smoking, so that added to my misery.

Rob Zombie: Well there was something I just saw happening. I just filed it into the back of my brain, "That works."I always see something and I'll just file it, and I don't know, it may come up two months from now or ten years from now, and I'll just go, "That's an idea I'm going to return to at some point," and this was it. It was all in my mom's side of the family, what her family did for a living. He's never been in a band, he's never been on tour, he's never been backstage, he's never even probably been to a fucking concert because everything about this movie is fake." Then when you see the real deal, like say Almost Famous, you go, "This feels like the real deal."RZ: That's because you've lived it. I pull from the types of fucking weirdos and things that I've experienced in my life. We had done a bunch of music videos, and that's how you started directing and I made an appearance in a lot of the videos.

Just like when I had the one character ranting and raving about this idea for turning a girl into a gorilla, that was a real thing that I used to go to as a little kid. They'd do some weird trick and she'd turn into a gorilla, and it was terrifying as a second grader... Going back over 15 years, Sheri, can you talk about the first time Rob came up to you and said, "I want to make a movie and I want you to be in it," and then what were your first impressions of collaborating in this way? I think I was just like, "This is just something cool we are going to do." Just another fun project.

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We were really driving across the country because I couldn't take the whole cast across the country.

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