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Who is emilio estevez dating

He started his career as an actor and is well known for being a member of the acting Brat Pack of the 1980s, starring in The Breakfast Club, St.Elmo's Fire, and also acting in the 1983 hit movie The Outsiders.Estevez and Rob Lowe established the Brat Pack when cast as supporting "Greasers" in an early Brat Pack movie, The Outsiders based on the novel. Thomas Howell's older brother Sodapop and Estévez as the drunken Two-Bit Matthews.During production, he also approached his character as a laid-back guy and thought up Two-Bit's interest in Mickey Mouse, shown by his uniform of Mickey Mouse t-shirts and watching of cartoons. He bought the movie rights to a third Hinton book, That Was Then, This Is Now, and wrote the screenplay.

Estevez was originally cast in Platoon to be private Chris Taylor but was forced to drop out after production was delayed for two years; the role eventually went to his younger brother Charlie Sheen.Sheen recalls being astonished by his son's performance, and "began to realize: my God, he's one of us." Upon his brother's using his birth name Carlos Estevez for the film Machete Kills, Emilio mentioned that he was proud of his Hispanic heritage and was glad that he never adopted a stage name, taking advice from his father who had regrets adopting the name Martin Sheen as opposed to using his birth name Ramón Estevez.His first role was in a drama produced by the Catholic Paulist order.His siblings are Ramon Estevez, Charlie Sheen (birth name Carlos Estevez), and Renée Estevez.Estevez's paternal grandparents were Irish and Galician (Spanish) immigrants.

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