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But aside from her feminine feel, he’ll also enjoy grabbing at the little extra sexiness on her body- and yes, that little extra sexiness is technically fat. It’s ridiculous, but unfortunately is something a lot of females do- especially on the first date. Not only is she not afraid to dive into the bread and butter before her delicious entrée is served, but she also knows a thing or two about amazing meals.She’s the gal that will eat with you, cook with you, and surprise you with tasty treats at your work. This may be one that comes as a surprise, but it’s a scientific fact that men are attracted to curves.A woman with curves is bound to have a little more junk in the trunk, and what man wouldn’t love a woman with a big, juicy booty. ) A curvy girl is going to have a little extra up top, creating a gorgeous silhouette that’s bound to catch attention in an enticing v-neck. This maturity and overall womanly glow is undoubtedly appealing to a man, especially when a curvy gal has a mature and feminine personality to match.Aside from butts, what’s another thing men can’t seem to take their eyes off of? This is an especially important reason for the men out there that can be referred to as ‘boob men’- men that love a woman with plenty of cleavage. (After all, if you are going to have a womanly figure, you may as well ditch the drama and annoyance of a high school girl, right?Plump, rosy red cheeks, soft skin, and a womanly glow; there’s no doubt about it, having a little extra weight is youthful.

Curves are a sign of good fertility, and while a man may not even be technically looking for this, it’s embedded in his DNA to look for and be attracted to this type of girl for reproduction purposes.It’s a proven fact that the majority of men are attracted to a curvaceous figure; in fact, recent studies have shown a whopping 80% prefer curves over a skinny figure. What is so appealing about a voluptuous woman with curves?We’re going to take you through the 10 reasons why men love a curvy gal- than it will ALL make sense!Men, I'm sure you've experienced dating all different kinds of women, but I guarantee you've never met anyone like an Italian girl (unless, of course, you HAVE dated one, in which case you're familiar with the thrill). *wink*Looks aren't everything, of course, so it's essential to know that Italian women are also confident. Related: The #1 Thing Men Do On A First Date That Immediately Turns Women OFF 5. There are a LOT of us and we know how to have a good time.Related: 10 Dating Tips I REALLY Wish I'd Followed While I Was Single So if an Italian woman catches your attention and you want to date her, arm yourself with these 5 small pieces of advice. We are passionate, sometimes too much for our own good. We walk with an air about us that's both spicy and mysterious. Parties aren’t just for family; your family invites their friends and those friends invite their friends.

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Regina King recently raised the argument that we as black women still have not become completely comfortable dating outside our race.

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