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Validating a power of attorney

All our translators translate into their mother tongue.European Patent case law has determined that the granted text forms part of the application in all contracting states.In relation to translations, we only use translators who specialise in Patents in all technologies.They are aware of and familiar with the technical language required and the provisions of the national law relating to layout.We understand this is an important international matter for you. This page shows the Italy official filing requirements for European Patent Validation, including the requirement for the filing of a Power of Attorney and the official fees involved.

When you use our document legalization services we will take care of all of that, making sure it gets done correctly and meets your timeline.

Canada has not signed this convention and follows an equivalent two step process which will make it acceptable in those countries.

We have be helping people authenticate and legalize their Powers of Attorney for over 20 years for countries such as the Netherlands, Spain, USA and Poland where it is called Power of Attorney Apostille, and the UAE and Saudi Arabia where it is known as Power of Attorney Attestation-Legalization.

Using our service we can shorten it to 1 business day authentication.

See all of your Power of Attorney authentication service options here.

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