Trouble updating windows xp

Posted by / 17-Sep-2017 21:55

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"As always, we recommend customers upgrade to the latest platforms." This update for out-of-support OSes follows Microsoft's recent decision to issue a patch for unsupported OSes in the wake of the Wanna Cry attacks.

A poll earlier this year, found 52% of firms were still running Windows XP on at least one machine.

At this time there are no plans to end-of-life product support for Windows XP.

The most current version of Zone Alarm is How do I migrate off Windows XP?

I get Warning that version is unsecure and I need to update... I get Warning that version is unsecure and I need to update...I have three pc, two with Windows XP and one with WIndows 7 Ultimate. in the last few days, A New ZA Product Upgrade Version has been Released for Windows 7, Window 8 and Windows 10, But NOT for Windows XP, SP3 at this time..This error happens only on the two pc equipped with Windows XP SP3. I have the following version of Zone Alarm Extreme Sec: Zone Alarm Extreme Security version: Zone Alarm license key: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Vsmon version: Driver version: Antivirus engine version: Antivirus signature DAT file version: 1228103424 Anti-Spam version: The version I'm currently using ( was installed one month ago. ZA v14.3.119.000 is the last upgrade for Windows XP SP3, Zone Alarm depends on the Windows Operating system being Fully upgraded with ALL current Microsoft Updates, So as time goes by it will be more difficult to provide security protection for Windows XP, due to the fact that Microsoft stopped ALL Support for Windows XP, since April 2014, Microsoft Has released several Hundred Critical updates for Windows 7, 8,and 10, that are not available for Windows XP..Microsoft has once again taken the extraordinary step of patching the out-of-support Windows XP, in an attempt to limit the scale of the next Wanna Cry-style attack.The updates for XP and other versions of Windows, released as part of yesterday's Patch Tuesday, have fixed vulnerabilities that could be used in what Microsoft calls "attacks with characteristics similar to Wanna Crypt"."These security updates are being made available to all customers, including those using older versions of Windows," wrote Adrienne Hall, general manager of Microsoft's Cyber Defense Operations Center, adding the measure was "due to the elevated risk for destructive cyber attacks at this time".

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