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I was in Vegas though; perhaps it was some kind of weird addiction, which made me wonder if there was Speed Daters Anonymous. #songlyrics The final wooer was gay and only attending the soiree to support his female friend.

Engrossed within my personal thoughts concerning Speed Daters Anonymous, I didn’t even realize he was still talking until I heard the 6-minute bell. Of course, this was the only guy I would have wanted to see again (although not my type in the looks department).

I was ready to give it a shot, because we’re halfway there.

I tried to get past his looks and really listen to what he was saying, but it only made me stare closer into his mouth as he spoke and start to obsess about his teeth.

Sometimes I spent more time assessing and analyzing where I could make the biggest difference than taking any action at all.

Choosing just one felt so limiting—like I might be making the wrong choice or letting the other causes I cared about down. A factory farm protest here, an eating disorder awareness campaign there. I never gave myself over to anything fully for fear that it would tear me away from everything else.

Usually with no planning and never considering the consequences.

At 17 she left her small Iowa town to follow the band Phish and live in her car, she spent time protesting logging in Oregon, got arrested for organizing a topless march in Ohio, received a Bachelor’s degree in photography, spent a month camping in the forest at a rainbow gathering, received a Master’s degree in Music Management, managed some rock bands, modeled for Playboy, slept with a rock & roll legend a few times (hey, you would too), sold real estate in Los Angeles, bought a condo in Las Vegas and lost it to the bank when the market crashed, built her house in the Hollywood Hills in a bikini after the contractor she hired stole her money, took classes to become a magician, wrote articles and columns published in several magazines and websites, ran a production company, produced commercials with huge stars like John Stamos and Betty White and currently owns a casting company.

I felt like if I chose to make a difference for young women who struggle with eating disorders I was turning my back on billions of suffering farm animals, unfairly incarcerated youth, communities living in food deserts…To be fair, he was funny, but I’d be livin’ on a prayer.#songlyrics The next potential looked about 65 and was significantly shorter than me.Indecision is addictive because we get to keep talking about our plans for all of our different passions, which makes us feel really good.We don’t have to feel like we’re letting any given cause down.

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