How to deal with intimidating people

Posted by / 23-Sep-2017 02:06

Like a Stephen King horror story, intimidation comes at us in many forms and faces.

As long as intimidation is going to be part of our lives, we might as well learn how to deal with it, resist it, and even use it.

It is sad to see how many people suffer through their entire business career intimidated by the bullying of others, in a way that causes them to fear any attempt to do what they dream to do; and instead are forced to play by the rules of others.

” That is, creating a “back-draft” that turns the intimidation back on the intimidator.The key to doing this is to understand the dynamics of intimidation and the motivation of those who attempt to wield it.If we do, it can never inhibit our actions and control us.The problem is that intimidation never gets the best out of people.In fact, this approach is the antithesis of effective leadership and detrimental to any hope of achieving success.

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Intimidation cowers the employee in a way that limits their ability to act independently, resulting in wasted time, talent and creative opportunity.

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