Are beck and cat dating dating well

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Are beck and cat dating

One example of this is when he grabs Jade to lead her to the exit of Sikowitz's class,as he thought there was a fire in the Pilot or when he grabs Tori and Jade's hands in The Breakfast Bunch so they won't slip.

He also seems to be quite protective of the gang, especially with Jade.Although it has been shown that he can play the guitar, sing, and dance, he seems to be much more focused on acting than music.He got second place in Sikowitz's method acting challenge in Sleepover at Sikowitz's and can also speak in different accents very well.Beck Oliver is one of the seven main characters of Victorious.He is Jade West's boyfriend and seems to be good friends with the rest of the gang. Beck is very attractive and, because of this, he gets a lot of attention from other girls, such as socialite Alyssa Vaughn; the female ambulance driver in Jade Dumps Beck; Hayley Ferguson and Tara Ganz, two obnoxious girls who flirted with him in Freak the Freak Out; a group of cheerleaders; an intern from the reality TV production company in The Wood; a pair of Yerbanian girls in Locked Up!

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